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Mary Lynne Jones | Physical Therapist

Mary Lynne Jones

Mary Lynne Jones, Calgary Physical Therapist

Mary Lynne Jones has been practicing Physiotherapy since 1987 and established Midnapore Physical Therapy and Massage in Calgary in 1992. Her expertise and vast experience allow her to evaluate the whole body to determine the root causes of many conditions. Her physiotherapy practice includes treatment of sports injuries, chronic pain, motor vehicle accidents, post-surgical recovery, headaches, sciatica, neck and back pain, neurological conditions, concussions and posture problems including scoliosis. Physiotherapy treatment is also offered for sprains or pain of the hip, knee, foot, shoulder, elbow and hand.

Mary Lynne’s treatments include individualised “hands on” care using a combination of her varied skills in orthopedic “mechanical” techniques, craniosacral therapy, DNS and rehabilitation exercises. Her goal with physiotherapy is to help people make practical changes to their lifestyle and everyday tasks, so pain and dysfunction can be eliminated.

Clients prefer the type of physiotherapy treatment that Mary Lynne offers because there is more one on one time dedicated compared with other clinics. Even long term problems or chronic pain improve with Mary Lynne’s blend of knowledge and skills.

Powerful tools about posture, sleep positions, work station set up, and prevention strategies are incorporated into treatments that evaluate joints, muscles and the nervous system. “If someone learns how to treat themselves, the result is quicker and longer lasting,” Mary Lynne says.

A full history and evaluation is performed and a treatment plan is formulated outlining how to get you back to feeling your best.

Special Interests:

• Paediatrics and Child Development
• Craniosacral therapy
• Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)
• Senior care


– As a mother of 4, Mary Lynne has a special interest in working with children and babies. Many children suffer with the same aches and pains as adults. Posture in children is challenged by the use of electronics and long periods of sitting, not to mention heavy backpacks.

Many children and babies have mild structural and neurological problems that can affect their movement, coordination and posture,which can in turn, affect their ability to focus and learn. These mild to moderate delays often don’t get picked up until grade school. Mary Lynne has specialised training in assessing and treating children’s neurological and movement delays from the Prague School of Rehabilitation.

Mary Lynne can assess your child at any age, even a few months old for early signs of problems. If your child seems to be slower in development than their peers, it can be cause for concern. Many parents are told that their child will catch up but this wait and see approach can lead to more permanent hardwiring of the nervous system in poor movement patterns. This may show up later as musculoskeletal pain, scoliosis, poor coordination and learning delays. Treatment programs for children combine orthopedic techniques, craniosacral therapy and DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization). See below for treatment description.

Paediatric conditions treated include:

• Poor posture, scoliosis
• Delays in reaching baby milestones
• Concussions
• Neurological conditions – cerebral palsy, stroke, poor coordination, sensory processing problems
• Orthopedic problems or pain in the spine or joints

Craniosacral Therapy –

Mary Lynnehas completed the advanced Pediatric Craniosacral therapy program and advanced Brain Craniosacral therapy through the Upledger Institute in Florida. She has also completed her 4 levels of Craniosacral therapy for adults. She is comfortable treating babies, children, pregnant women and adults with craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment that focuses on balancing connective tissue tensions in the body. It can alleviate deep tensions and pain in the body, brain and spine, especially those caused by trauma or surgery.

Craniosacral therapy is especially effective as part of a treatment program for musculoskeletal problems, neurological conditions including developmental delay, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, ADD/ADHD, balance/dizziness problems, stroke, concussion, chronic pain and stress. It is also a great treatment if you are wanting to improve your flexibility or overall feeling of wellness.

For more information on Craniosacral therapy please visit

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) –

Mary Lynne is one of the very few practitioners in Canada practicing DNS for paediatrics. DNS is cutting edge rehabilitation that uses positions of development from babies to strengthen how the brain coordinates our movements. It accesses instinctive “hardwiring” reflexes that exist in all humans that lead us from rolling to crawling to walking. Delays in this sequence, as well as missing or rushing these critical steps happens for many children. This can be an indicator of neurological problems that should be treated early for the best opportunity to intervene while the nervous system wiring is developing. Not addressing poor movement patterns early can contribute to postural problems such as scoliosis, pain later in life, and general incoordination. Some even think that this ground work of nervous system development is the basis for higher learning later in life.

DNS uses exercises from the positions of development to properly activate the core muscles and ensure normal movement patterns are used in everyday activities. This technique is very helpful in rehabilitating neurological problems such as developmental delay, cerebral palsy and stroke. DNS is also used for treating spinal pain, poor posture (including scoliosis), hip dysplasia, torticollis or foot and knee problems.

Newborn and child screening evaluations are recommended for all children but especially those that have difficulty with performing normal activities such as rolling, crawling or those that seem uncoordinated or clumsy. Posture screens should be done regularly and especially prior to the growth spurt at adolescence. Treatment can being at any age but results are quicker and prevention is key if started within the first year of life for babies.

DNS is also used for treating adults and athletes to maximize performance.

Senior care –

Mary Lynne works hard with seniors to combat the difficulties of aging. Keeping mobility and function inall our joints and muscles is essential for maintaining independence and good quality of life as we age. There is mounting research that acknowledges the link between a healthy active body and a healthier aging brain. Just like financial investing for retirement makes sense, so does investing in the care of our bodies. The earlier we start the better. Physiotherapy is part of aging well.
• Fall prevention
• Recovery from/prevention of knee and hip joint replacements
• Pain and stiffness
• Balance re-education
• Alzheimer’s/Dementia treatment and prevention strategies using exercise programs and craniosacral therapy (specific to the brain).
Mary Lynne has worked closely with her husband, Dr. Stephen Jones DC. in developing unique rehabilitation programs for core stabilization, hip rehabilitation and recovery from motor vehicle accidents.

Try Physical Therapy – It’ll move you.

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